Communications Strategies

Having a coherent strategy is a good thing. It saves on a lot of time, money and sweat. And that’s it.

This short and sweet notion is the outcome of a lot of experience in putting out fires. Acting with diligence has always been our watchword, but always within a strategic framework.

To give shape to the framework, the first thing we do at Mask is ask questions, a lot of questions:

What’s your brand, product or service like? What is its positioning? And its competitive advantage or USP? Where’s the competition? And where’s the target audience? What does it do in its free time?

After answering a thousand questions with well reasoned arguments (and with analysis) we lay the foundations for the strategy. And we build on those foundations.

We build brands. We work to make it all go in one single direction, with a unique personality, with objectives geared towards sales and branding.

We define the actions, the online and offline channels, the timing. We create, develop, launch and… finally we measure and evaluate effectiveness.

All this comes together to make this complex entity called communications strategy.