You’ve entered Mask Comunicación, an agency with normal people who do their job well.

No hipsters or opera divas in our advertising agency . Just people who love to talk naturally, communicate, get to know your problem in depth and give you creative solutions.

Our clients call it a service (and they love it). But services and campaigns with a punch are just the tip of the iceberg.

The rest you can find here, in this website. Have a look and you’ll see it’s our 20th anniversary. That’s not the sort of experience you see every day in a small agency.

Perhaps the secret behind our longevity is the ability to mix creativity and time to market effectiveness in the right doses. Or that’s what a communications guru with retro glasses and a bow tie says.

And that’s what we say too. Call us and we’ll talk it over. Because we love to talk, or did we say that already?

Come on in. Take a seat, make yourself at home. Let’s talk.

Mask Comunicación
Mask Comunicación

"20 years at the service of our majesty the client"


If you require a grommet, press 1.

If you require a thingamajig, press 2.

And if you’re sick of talking to machines. call us at +34 91 630 65 45 in office hours or write us an e-mail. A very, very nice person will attend your call.

Mask Comunicación